Search: Searching for Structure

Some years ago, in rebellion against the restrictive assumptions of conventional multivariate techniques and the cumbersome inconvenience of ransacking sets of data in other ways, we produced a computer program called The Automatic Interaction Detector. This program simulated what researchers had been doing with data for many years but with prestated strategy and in a reproducible way.

The Structure-Search program described in the manual, termed AID3, is a new and elaborated version of the original AID algorithm. This manual is intended as a technical guide to using the program. In order to make the documentation more complete, parts of the original AID monograph, The Detection of Interaction Effects, have been incorporated into the text.

John A. Sonquist, Elizabeth Lauh Baker, and James N. Morgan (1973). Searching for Structure: An Approach to Analysis of Substantial Bodies of Micro-Data and Documentation for a Computer Program. (PDF)