IVEware User Guide Chapter 6: SASMOD


6.1 Introduction

SASMOD is a SAS macro that provides a framework for performing analysis based upon a collection of SAS procedures. SASMOD includes the ability to perform multiple imputation and/or analysis incorporating complex survey design features. Currently, the following SAS procedures are available: CALIS, CATMOD, GENMOD, LIFEREG, MIXED, NLIN, PHREG, and PROBIT. This particular macro executes user-specified SAS procedure commands for each Jackknife Repeated Replication replicate and then combines the results to compute the proper complex design sampling variance estimate. If multiple data sets are specified as inputs, it performs the analysis for each data set separately and then combines inferences using multiple imputation combining rules.

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6.2 SASMOD Statements

The setup is similar to other modules except that multiple imputation must be performed prior to invoking SASMOD. The multiple data sets can be specified in the DATAIN statement. The allowable keywords are DATAIN, BY, STRATUM, CLUSTER, WEIGHT, and TITLE.

SAS commands and optional statements can be used as appropriate for the procedure. However, do not use statements that might lead to more than one model or different models in different replicates or multiples. For example, more than one model statement or specifying a stepwise model is not permitted. Examples of use of SASMOD are presented in later chapters.

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